About us

We are willing to cooperate with foreign investors and entrepreneurs who wish to start or expand their business in Europe.
We have been in business consulting market since 2005. Thus, a long-year of experience makes it possible to assess each situation objectively. We solve problems individually using a professional team of auditors, lawyers, accountants and business consultants.

  • Determination of the most effective transaction structuring alternatives;
  • Integration of the acquired business to the corporate group;
  • Review of purchase and sale contracts and help in negotiation the transaction value;
  • Search for funding and evaluation of alternatives;
  • Consultation on VAT in a variety of international transactions;
  • Guidance on jurisdiction holding companies globally;
  • Allocation of income tax, double taxation nuances.

We have our branches and representative s in the following countries: Lithuania (head office), Latvia, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. Moreover, we represent our clients in purchase and maintenance of companies in these foreign countries: Hong Kong, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and others.

The main value and richness of our company is our staff. Top-class professionals in various areas are of daily care of the needs of our customers and find the best solutions for them. All of our staff have years of experience in their field and are constantly improving their knowledge in Lithuania and abroad. Our staff is the factor that gives us a competitive advantage in the market.
With extensive knowledge and experience, being flexible and not afraid of challenges, we are confident that we can find a solution to any problem. Your problems are our concern.

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