Arrangement of Business Plans

Business plan is an integral part of business, business development, business integration, search process for funding sources. Business plan is a document that sets out clearly and convincingly what the company wants and how it intends to implement its goals. This user-friendly tool is designed to familiarize with the business idea of a potential investors. Business plan is a complex task.

When preparing a business plan, it is important to consider many different aspects of and systematically examine them in a logical sequence. When beginning to arrange the business plan and fixing the first ideas, everything should be planned thoroughly at once. A properly prepared business plan can convince potential investors and creditors that the described activity is justified and long-term economic success can be expected. A business plan forces to think on the business idea, reveal gaps in knowledge, potential barriers in the future allowing checking the viability of the idea.
We help our clients to develop business plans by providing a clear, understandable and appropriate form and we offer the following services:

  • Clear expression and purification of business ideas, setting the correct goal and business development strategy;
  • Description of company’s products / services, manufacturing, delivery methods;
  • Description and systematization of company management, leadership, organization of work;
  • Market research implementation assessing demand, consumer needs, competitors;
  • Estimation of micro-and macro-environmental factors taking into account specific business critical sector and its prospects;
  • PEST and SWOT analysis;
  • Marketing plan development;
  • Sales volume forecasts, budgeting;
  • Calculation of basic profitability and payback, other financial indicators, cash flow modeling;
  • Preparation of a long-term financial plan that allows you to regularly monitor the financial condition and identify deviations preparation.

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