Business Integrations

When expanding business, entrepreneurs often have to deal with issues on business integration (mergers, acquisitions etc.). Due to general business globalization trends today, a significant increase in merger and acquisition transactions can be noticed. Because of complexity and volume of such transactions professional help is often needed. Professionals help companies and individual clients to successfully complete mergers and acquisitions as well as corporate buying and selling. Our global experience and expertise, provides clients with clear, objective, and practical advice on transactions from its beginning to its successful outcome.

Therefore, we offer our clients the following business integration services:

  • Customer needs analysis;
  • Search for a business to purchase or sell;
  • Search for potential business buyers or sellers;
  • Planning of acquisitions, takeovers, mergers and sales;
  • Business assessment;
  • Analysis of funding opportunities and optimization of funding schemes;
  • Consultation on specific issues of taxation and transaction structuring;
  • Consultation, depending on the jurisdiction in which the transaction takes place

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