What You Should Have To Know About VAT. Possibilities For Advice on VAT in Lithuania

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VAT – Value Added Tax – is a general tax applied to all goods and services sold and bought for consumption within the EU area. VAT is calculated on the value added to services and goods by a trader at each level of the production and allocation chain.

On the contrary to state confirmed an official taxes, VAT is a multistage tax charged at each level of the supply chain. It is collected through a system of partial proficiency. It allows for taxable legal entities that identified for VAT aims to count off from the VAT fee, the amount of VAT that they have paid for business purchases in the previous (production) stage. This above mentioned system guarantees that the tax  is neutral, regardless of the majority of transactions.


The structure and main principles of VAT are incorporated in EU law. However, the EU

consists from 28 countries that apply different VAT system. Accepted laws on VAT were  aligned, although locally VAT legislation remains still differ in countries-members of EU.


In Lithuania standard VAT ( in local language PVM) rate is 21 % within reduced rates of 9% and 5%. Starting from 2015 January the 1st the following VAT amendments are currently being discussed in Government. 5% VAT will apply to following goods and services :

- freshly chilled poultry;

- transport of animals, meat products and preparations;

- freshly frozen meat.


Advice on VAT in Lithuania you should expect to get directly visiting local authorities or  visiting the official website of State Tax Inspectorate, also this kind of  information grants many national private tax consulting companies that provide legal and tax services.

TradeMark Registration Features

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The State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania is the executive body and State authority  that carrying out the state legal protection of all kind property (designs, inventions, service marks and trademarks etc.)  in Lithuania and central industrial property office functions in entire EU. Official trademark registration in Lithuania is under control and manage of The State Patent Bureau of republic Of Lithuania. The process of trademark registration in Lithuania is not difficult as seems it from aside.


Trademark Register is a specialized kind of services for many legal companies that working in this activity field in order to provide a selection of registration services in assisting the customers to protect their mark in a host of the states across all the world. Through the specialists knowledge and long-term experience in the field of intellectual property law, operating companies can draw on their resources to deliver trustworthy trademark services. The services that provide such companies includes : trademark search, trademark registration and renewal (via the state authorities), design and etc. .


Competent experts always will facilitate the registration process with the suitable registry, so as to be guarantee you own the exclusive rights to your mark. Expertising companies admit the value and importance of a registered trademark, as business structuresd rely on the safe protection of their brand name from being replicated or reproduced  by rivals.


Interested in clients who select to register trademarks will expect  full and legal protection. Their registered mark will be protected against the unauthorized use of the mark by third parties usually and they will have the right to sue for damages in cases of passing off or breach. Having and using a registered trademark it will help to achieve greater deterrence from competitors defining your mark as their own, or from ventures that using confusingly moreless the same marks. An official mark is also an efficient marketing measure  and helps to individuals or legal entities achieve an efficient  brand loyalty and protection. One of the main reasons to register a mark is so you can hold exclusiveness  over other competitors which ultimately adds  value to your managing company and brand.

Internal Company Documents in Lithuania – what they include ?

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Internal documents has an important value to each company that seriously watching at  everything, attaching great importance to its image. We could  review several aspects on these documents starting from the general purpose, also tasks or aims by which company or other legal business structure may guide in a daily life.

Internal documents may cover a number of  areas of activity  depending from company formation or structure and etc. in order  to  define the purposes or aspirations. It could be a wide area from certain rules of conduct in a company, rights and responsibilities of employees of a company, certain documents that define business structure and many more.

As a rule when the speech goes on such documents the main object  is first documentation that determine internal structure of a company or business activity starting from its type, name , registration adress and other items.

Usually first documentation pack of  internal company documents in order to buy or purchase it  includes following : Certificate from Centre of Registers, Agreement of Purchase and Sale of Shares of a certain Legal Entity , Company Incorporation Act, Articles of a Company, List of the Shareholders, General Resolution of Shareholders (if it is not one shareholder only), Decision of Shareholders‘ on Appointment, Documents Acceptance-Transfer Act, Cash Giving-Receiving Act, Company Balance Sheet at purchase moment, Employment Contract.  Of course, this is not full list of what were arranged now.

This infomation may be useful to any buyers that intend to start or expand business in Lithuania. The clients may apply to any qualified  business registration company that provides  such legal services in pursuance to purchase a certain company  registered in our country. Business registration companies can prepare  such internal company documents in Lithuania that clients could without any obstacles start own activity.


Help and advice on VAT issues in Lithuania

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There are a huge number of business consulting and law service companies providing real legal help and consultancy services on tax environment in our country as well as advice on VAT in Lithuania. Those services includes necesssary practical information and all the basic taxes, the focus being on areas that may be of interest to everybody,especially to entrepreneurs and investors. The information principally focused on tax issues and aspects, however also including legal questions and ground information on business, tax and legal environment of Lithuania. considered the entire market by the investors.


Local or foreign entrepreneurs residing in Lithuania and running their businesses in our state or in entire Baltic region frequently face with tax and legal issues that related to running business activity. Diversity of existing taxes is forcing the entrepreneurs to search an appropriate qualified aid in order to solve appeared problems.


Business consulting and law specialists able to provide services concerned with different tax issues such as : excise duties, land tax, real estate tax, luxury tax, legal entity payments to Guarantee Fund,

Personal income tax, social insurance and health insurance contributions, advice on VAT issues in Lithuania as well as corporate profit tax and etc. Moreover, in case of necessity these specialists could represent you and your company in different state authorities solving arising issues through the power of attorney without your presence .


More information relating mentioned issues is possible to find out at internet using search keywords business consulting, legal and tax services, vat in lithuania and etc.

Structuring Small Business Sale And Purchase Transactions

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Selling a small or large established/ongoing business is often romanticized process by imagining face-to-face talks over business worth and purchase price. Whether small, medium or large, business sale and purchase transactions could be highly complex and require a great work efforts. When the size or complexity of a deal goes up, the demand for innovative forming options likewise increase. Financing, transaction structure and tax management must be an initiative process that is linked at an early stage.

Each type of structure connected with it different tax consequences for the provider and consumer, keeping a material influence on the total value of the deal. The sort of business subject owned by the seller (types like S-corporation, C-corporation, LLC, Partnership or Sole Private Property) extra to whether the agreement becomes property or stock sale will have a major importance on the decisions made in structuring the agreement to provide maximum benefits. The aim of this interaction is to advance techniques available in structuring small business sale and purchase transactions and to express the worth an experienced command brings in forming the deal.

Property sales of such entities (LLC, S-Corp, & Partnerships) are maintained very differently than stock-sales of C-Corps and it would be impossible to cover all of the structuring alternatives.

What are the legal business entities? – LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnership, Sole Private Property
What are the types of sale? – stock sale, asset sale.
What is being sold? – entire business, inclusion of real estate, partial interest/investment

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