Debt Collection

Debt collection in pre-trial procedure is the cheapest and fastest way to recover money to the creditor from the debtor incurring additional costs. Debt collection in the pre-trial procedure allows the creditor to avoid litigation costs (stamp duty, costs for legal representation and so on). Thus, the creditor can avoid even greater losses if it appears that the debtor is insolvent.

In case of failure to reach an agreement with the debtors in the pre-trial procedure another method of debt collection – debt recovery in court – should be selected. Our lawyers will prepare the necessary procedural documents (claims, counterclaims, notices of appearance, rejoinders, surrejoinders, separate complaints, amicable agreements, motions for judgment etc.) and submit them to the court. The court may be asked to impose measures of procedural compulsion, i.e. to seize the debtor‘s movable and immovable property, bank accounts or cash being in the hands of third parties. The debtor’s assets are seized without notice in order to be sure that the debtor would not transfer his assets to third parties or waste it.

Taking into account the needs of our clients, we render the following services:

  • Information of customers and partners about delays, delayed payments and other information related to debt collection;
  • Sending alerts: setting clear terms for debt payment; on expiry of the terms debt collection procedure is initiated;
  • Debt collection analysis: information about the debtor’s company, the debtor’s assets, solvency condition n, establishment of the reason for non-payment;
  • Setting debt recovery options during the pre-trial process and preparation of a debt recovery action plan;
  • Negotiation of mutually favorable payment terms, coordination of compliance with the fixed time limits;
  • Pre-trial and judicial collection of debts;
  • Drafting of service documents.

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