Due Diligence

Due diligence is a comprehensive company’s legal verification usually carried out in the process of business development, mergers, purchase or sale of a company, company‘s reorganization or disputes between the shareholders. Due diligence includes audit of the company incorporation, operation documents, transactions, liabilities, guarantees, risks, business partners and customers, contracts, acquisitions and other significant aspects of the company. Particular attention should be paid to the issues pre-agreed with the customer. Upon completion of the work, a detailed legal audit report should be submitted. When implementing due diligence, usually actual or potential threatened litigation, the agreements with the company’s financiers, labor issues and other aspects relevant to a particular case are verified.

When implementing legal audit of documents, we render the following services:

  • Gathering of data on the company profile, activity, market position, business plans;
  • Analysis of the company organizational structure and management: legal status of structure entities, equity structure, investment to other companies, management bodies, belonging to unions;
  • Analysis of compliance with law requirements: legal acts regulating activity of the company;
  • Analysis of labor relationship: organizational/ personnel structure and changes within the recent year;
    Data on collective and individual labor relationship: exclusive conditions of collective and labor agreements, labor disputes; data on actual violation of requirements of work safety.
  • Main clients and suppliers, specific relationship with clients or suppliers , reductions of sales and purchases;
  • Analysis of contractual obligations;
  • Analysis of disputes: existing and potential claims, existing and potential legal actions;
  • Any inspections of the company activity performed by control authorities and sanctions applied;
  • Analysis of intellectual property: data on the company rights to computer programs, purchased accounting and information systems, other intellectual property, existing licenses, patents, agreements, disputes.

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