Internal Company Documents

When developing or starting a business, a large number of documents is needed. Various legal acts establish requirements for documentation of certain processes and actions that take place in the company. This is an integral part of modern business. Each company must have properly prepared rules of work order, job descriptions, safety at work documentation, fire safety documents, civil safety documents etc. Improperly prepared and executed document may result in adverse effects or sanctions from the state authorities.
Rules of work order must comply with the current working relationship between an employer and an employee. So, the rules of work order should be based on modern legal labor basis.

Job description describes in details functions of a specific job; it is a document determining what management expects from their employee and helping the employee to understand the importance of the task assigned to him/ her. This document determines how the company’s employees work and whether it will be possible to achieve optimal performance. The main purpose of job descriptions is to define the employee’s job functions and responsibilities. Therefore, the correct description of the job provides for clarity and employee‘s safety, and the company is able to evaluate personnel as well as to control employees ‚performance and to form a fair amount of work.
Safety documentation defines the actions of employees in the workplace to ensure the safety of workers in the workplace. Fire and civil safety documentation defines the actions and responsibilities of employees in case of fire or other emergencies.

Taking into account the needs of our clients, we offer the following services:

  • Internal rules on work order;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Logs;
  • Draft orders;
  • Labor contracts;
  • Collective agreements;
  • Documents on work safety;
  • Documents on fire safety;
  • Documents on civil safety;
  • Agreements on financial liability etc.

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