International Taxation

In terms of modern economy, international companies are facing problems that require international solutions. Taxes are one of the most important varying areas that determine the most appropriate corporate structure, the best place of intellectual property, structure of the interest flows and structure of international supply chain scheme seeking for the most effective tax rate. Therefore, it is important for every company to manage tax risks and deal with everyday complex corporate taxation, including international taxation issues.

Thus, we provide the following services related to international taxation:

  • Advice on international taxation, foreign tax credit, compliance and support in planning of international trade;
  • Optimization of group structure, including recommendations for the holding company jurisdiction;
  • Tax planning related with controlled foreign corporations;
  • Support in establishing favorable investment opportunities and suitable company legal form according to local and international tax law (reducing withholding tax at source, establishing opportunities of international financing, etc.);
  • Assessment of financing instruments from tax perspective;
  • Support in taxation seeking to reduce tax risk in transactions with affiliated parties in Lithuania and in the jurisdiction of parent or subsidiary in context of international investment;
  • Advice on taxation of fixed places of business;
  • Advice on double taxation issues.

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