Legal Consulting

Every day business faces inevitably the whole range of legal business organization aspects. Our clients are legal and natural persons from different countries. The services of our legal specialists are provided in different languages. Knowledge of foreign languages and close collaboration with colleagues abroad enable us to provide competent legal assistance. We provide legal advice on a variety of civil, commercial, labor, administrative law issues; we prepare various draft agreements, service documents for courts, requests, complaints, statements to the state and local authorities, companies and organizations.

We represent our clients in courts of all instances:

  • Collection of information about companies operating in different countries;
  • Advice on tax law;
  • Advice on CMR issues;
  • Company representation in the state and non-state institutions and courts;
  • Pre-trial and judicial collection of debts;
  • Drafting of complaints, claims, statements, actions, defenses, rejoinders, and other service documents;
  • Contracts in labor area: labor contracts, material liability contracts, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements etc. ;
  • Hiring, dismissal of employees, advice on disciplinary sanctions;
  • Advice on public procurement issues;
  • Help in loans with banks and express credit companies;
  • Legal assistance in establishment, restructuring, reorganization, liquidation, bankruptcy matters for all types of businesses;
  • Advice on intellectual property law;
  • Advice on construction and real estate regulatory issues;
  • Personal bankruptcy;
  • Inheritance issues;
  • Defense of honor and dignity, media law etc.

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