Legal Consulting

Every day business faces inevitably the whole range of legal business organization aspects. The company management has to deal with many issues on a daily basis: to make transactions, hire employees and initiate business relationship, sell or provide services. This professional activity is regulated by legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union and international law or other legal acts. Successful and reliable business is hardly possible without assistance of legal professionals. Often, it is very important to draft, deeply analyze and competently interpret contracts or other legal documents. This will help to avoid litigation in the future. We are trying to expand the limits of concept of legal advice combining the best multidisciplinary consultant’s forces in search for an answer to any of the customer’s question. When fulfilling customer orders, we cooperate with lawyers, bailiffs, notaries, appraisers, financial advisors, insolvency administrators, translators and interpreters and other specialists.


We assist our clients by rendering the following services:

  • Company incorporation and liquidation;
  • Preparation of company reorganization terms and reorganization projects;
  • Representation in financial or tax litigation and bankruptcy matters;
  • Transaction structuring;
  • Drafting and evaluation of contracts, participation in negotiations, analysis and interpretation of contracts;
  • Monitoring of contracts;
  • Drafting and management of internal company documents;
  • Advice on business, labor law issues;
  • Trademark registration;
  • Reorganization of legal persons;
  • Collection and analysis of information about legal persons;
  • Pre-trial and judicial collection of debts;
  • Preparation of service documents;
  • Due diligence.


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