University Mediation

Mediation between the science and business structures

Today we live in a globalized world that almostly included all the areas of public life. It is important to us that the ongoing multi-faceted globalization should transform into positive factor to business and science development.. We believe that modern business is an important and integral partner for science and technologies and that is a reason scientific and technological achievments are apace implemented and adaptable to the public needs.

Our company specialists have long-term experience in business consulting and its integration, in providing tax and legal services as well as variety of related management programs. We offer our mediation services for possible projects and realization of them among the business structures and various educational and science institutions in Lithuania. We are interested in scientific innovation and technological progress, ongoing and implemented educational projects, so is important to us that the many scientific and technological achievements could find the way into world of business, to open as possible more wide possibilities in mutual cooperation for the sake of successful beneficial results for the society and the state.

Interest in education and scientific innovations, in rapid development of technologies, participation in various educational integration programs has allowed us to gain a considerable experience and knowledge in business today. Therefore having no doubt in mutual science and business cooperation benefit and opportunities we seek that representatives of these both mentioned areas with our mediation aid could find each other, that initiatives must be encouraged and fostered as well as innovative educational projects rather to be transformed into reality by helping business structures.

The proposed our mediation services :

  • search for potential partners among the high schools and business structures;
  • consulting services from project idea to its final realization;
  • the installation of various educational programs implementing common projects with business;
  • your representation in business and science institutions;
  • knowledge-grounded entrepreneurship and innovative business promotion;
  • we also intermediate performing of science and technologies symbiotic relationship development according high schools‘ set technological parameters (for ex., Creation of energy saving materials and their impact to environment, translational researches of buildings, constructions and materials);
  • installation of progressive researches in business structures (for ex., Informational marketing application increasing an efficiency of business processes).

We aspire to be the best and useful for you and your business!

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