Tax Decisions

Tax laws change very often, so tax planning, clarity and elimination of risk are essential to the successful development of the business. We believe that a responsible approach to tax obligations is very important for a successful business. The tax issue is of particular importance in considering issues of business development, business integration, preparation of business plans, setting up companies or its subsidiaries / offices in other countries, trading with foreign partners. When planning various transactions often raises issues of international taxation, double taxation, VAT payment or reimbursement, issues of tax optimization, tax-related persons.

Taking into account our clients’ needs, we offer the following services:

  • Tax assessment and advice;
  • Advice on tax matters;
  • Taxation of affiliated persons;
  • Tax structuring transactions;
  • International taxation, advice on international taxation issues;
  • Representation of companies and individuals at the State Tax Inspectorate;
  • Representation of clients in tax disputes;
  • Tax planning and optimization;
  • Tax audit.

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