Trademark Registration

The trademark is a symbol with a clear purpose to distinguish one person’s goods or services from another person’s goods or services. In most cases, when users see the trademark, they associate it automatically with one or another manufacturer or service provider, even if the trademark owner’s name is not identified. It becomes clearer that the trademark can be one of the most important assets of any company – today the trademark yet can be to pledged for a loan, or to generate revenue from sale of trademark, from licensing and franchising. In addition, the trademark is a matter of prestige – only the registered trademark owners can use the symbol ® with their trademark.

Sometimes other people might want to use the existing background and a similar or the same trademark to attract customers.
Therefore, we help our clients to register trademarks as intellectual property and provide the following services:

  • National registration of a trademark;
  • European registration of a trademark. Protection is valid in all EU member states;
  • International trademark registration. The trademark will be protected in the countries being parties of the Madrid Protocol;
  • Evaluation of a trademark compliance with absolute and relative requirements;
  • Advice and drafting of documents necessary for trademark registration;
  • Monitoring of trademark registration validity and prepare documents for extension of registration;
  • Preparation and registration of contracts on license, pledge, transfer of trademark;
  • Advise on formation of the company’s trademarks package, selection of the most optimal strategy for trademark registration;
  • Representation in disputes concerning the rights to the trademark in pre-trial and judicial institutions;
  • Legal assessment of intellectual property, advice and assistance in evaluation of intellectual property as a company‘s asset.

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